MikeNet v2.0.2


MikeNet is an open source well documented windows networking API for C++, .NET based languages (e.g. C#, VB.NET), DarkBASIC Pro and any language that has the ability to call functions of a DLL. MikeNet is lightweight, flexible and efficient and took approximately one year to develop. It includes the following core functionality:

From low to high

MikeNet consists of various different layers, which helps to limits the trade off between performance and ease of use.

The lower levels are only available to C++ users, who can use the classes provided to create more complex, high performing systems. Users can extend classes and plug them into other subsystems of MikeNet. e.g. You can create a class inheriting NetModeUdp and create your own UDP mode, which can then be plugged into other classes such as NetSocketUDP or NetInstanceServer. This makes MikeNet highly flexible, and means that it can be easily modified to fulfil any networking requirement.

At higher levels you have a set of easy to use commands built for usage in a procedural manner. These commands can be found in networking, sound and UPnP NAT sections and are available to all languages. Using these commands you can quickly set up a scalable server that allows clients to connect via TCP and UDP; click here for some sample C++ code.

Demo Code

You can download a visual studio 2010 and 2012 solution containing a number of sample projects using MikeNet from here.


If you have any questions about MikeNet feel free to email pryor.michael@gmail.com. I will usually reply within 24 hours.


I have made a precompiled version with an installer which can quickly be integrated into your projects. The package includes:

You can get it from here.